10 School-Comprehensive Admissions Package (CAP)


10 School-Comprehensive Admissions Package (CAP)


Our most popular offering is our Comprehensive Admissions Package (CAP). CAP provides an assortment of admission consulting services to our clients for one fixed price; hence, CAP is our most recommended package for it allows our consultants and our clients to engage in the most effective manner.

Aston & James' CAP offering allows our consultants to engage our clients for unlimited hours that are necessary for our clients to submit the highest quality MBA application packages. With CAP, clients need not be concerned with a fixed number of hours or time allotted by their consultants in helping them with their MBA admissions packages. CAP includes all of the necessary components for creating the most competitive MBA admissions package.

Specifically CAP contains:

1. Initial briefing from a top-tier MBA consultant

2. Image Consultation

3. Unlimited consulting hours until application submission

4. Unlimited consulting hours in managing and executing application strategies

5. Initial candidate capability and competency assessment

6. MBA Strategy Plan (MSP)

7. MBA program fit and feasibility

8. Idea and theme generation

9. Essay review

10. Essay annotation

11. Essay development

12. Resume review and commentary

13. Resume annotation

14. Short answer response guidance

15. Recommendation letter review

17. Interview Preparation

18. Post-Decision management


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