Nick H. Kamboj - CEO of Aston & James Publishing Donates Books To Chicago Schools by Nick Kamboj

Nick H. Kamboj's company, Aston & James Publishing, donates its children's books (Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Just So Stories) from its classic literature series to 4 Chicago Public Elementary Schools and 1 Chicago Public High School, to encourage and promote literacy in Chicago's underserved communities.

Aston & James Publishing Donates Books To Chicago Public Schools

Nick H. Kamboj, Check Please! Food Show Award Winning Restaurateur (2012 Season), recently joined Sur La Table's Executive Chef In Residence, Mr. Adam Leach. by Nick Kamboj

At Sur La Table's 900 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago location for an evening Italian cooking class.Nick's primary intent was to learn fun and innovative process improvement techniques, which could be applied to broader and more complex technological and strategic issues. Of course, the end product of the evening's cooking class was also absolutely delicious!


Round 2 MBA Application Guidelines by Nick Kamboj

If you feel that you are not ready to submit your MBA application prior to Round 1 MBA deadlines, then simply do not.  There is nothing more off-putting to the Adcomm, then MBA applications which are prepared in haste.  It is best to aim for Round 1 MBA deadlines and to thoroughly reflect whether your application is as strong as it can be.  If there is any doubt in your mind after reflection, then quite simply, wait until Round 2 to submit.

Genetic Make Up of the Adcomm by Nick Kamboj

Most prospective MBA applicants believe that members of the MBA Adcomm all have MBAs from top-tier MBA programs or at least MBAs from other business programs.  The reality is that many who are on the MBA Adcomm do not have MBAs, let alone MBAs from top-tier MBA programs.

Image Perception by Nick Kamboj

Although a high GPA and GMAT combination score is something that is admired by the Admissions Committee (Adcomm), it is not the only attribute the Adcomm look at when admitting a candidate.  An Adcomm would rather admit a person with a lower GPA/GMAT combination and a good well-rounded background and empathetic view of the world, rather than a person with a high GPA/GMAT score from a perceived elitist.